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1Texas A&M Recruiting Insider Empty Texas A&M Recruiting Insider on Sat Jan 16, 2010 9:34 pm

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Preseason Recruiting

Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant certainly is trying to make a statement with his first recruiting class since ending his 20+ year retirement. The Aggies are going hard after some of the top defensive players in the nation. Coach Bryant has said previously that he wants a top-tier defense, and the way he is recruiting shows just that. The staff has there eye on several good players as well as several players that are under the radar a little bit. The staff hopes that these players turn out to be better than they are rated. While defense is the main focus on the recruiting front the offense is certainly not neglected. The staff has targeted a small number of players on offense that they will go after. The few offensive players that the staff is after should be able to step in and help the team right away. It will be interesting to see how Coach Bryant is able to recruit after his time away from the game. Texas A&M Recruiting Insider is going to be here every step of the way to see how this class comes along and what it turns in to.

Seniors Leaving
13 Total
7 Offense
6 Defense

Texas A&M Recruiting Board
22 Prospects
17 Scholarships Available (13 Seniors + 4 Extra)

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2Texas A&M Recruiting Insider Empty Re: Texas A&M Recruiting Insider on Tue Jan 19, 2010 6:05 pm

This week Texas A&M went out and offered kids like crazy. They have 17 scholarships at their disposal and they offered 16 kids this week alone. Of the 16 kids half are from the state of Texas. A&M knows they have an advantage on most people in their own state and with the talent that comes out of Texas every year the Aggies would be dumb not to recruit Texas heavily. Currently the Aggies have offered 4 5 Star players, 11 3 Stars, and 1 3 star. If things go as planned this class could turn out to be something special for Coach Bear Bryant and his staff.

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