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Schedules/ User Games

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1Schedules/ User Games Empty Schedules/ User Games on Thu Jan 14, 2010 9:00 am

For everyones schedule I will leave everything unchanged unless there is a specific request for a different team. The only thing I will change is if you play an FCS team you will be given an unranked BCS team.

For user games we will play three user games per season depending on a few thing. The user games will be as follows:

-One conference game
-One "Rivalry" game
-One other non-conference user game

Some exceptions are if you are in a conference where there is a championship game. If this is the case and you play the other user in conference once you will not be given the third user game in the event that you could possibly play four user games before the bowls.

Rivalry games will be determined before we start, they will be a team that we create a made up (or existing) rivalry for your user team. So each user team will be rivaled with another user team and they will play that rivalry every year.

I'm not exactly sure how to do the other user game, I want it to be a home and away series so you play two years in a row, once at your place once at theirs. This may be random or we could do a rotation, not sure yet.

***If you would like to play a specific non-user team you can request that, or if there is already a rivalry between you and a particular user also request that.

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2Schedules/ User Games Empty Re: Schedules/ User Games on Thu Jan 14, 2010 9:51 pm


Love the idea of a rivalry with another user.

3Schedules/ User Games Empty Re: Schedules/ User Games on Fri Jan 15, 2010 12:05 am

Ya I thought it would add some intrigue to things, lets just hope we can get some more people to start this thing up lol

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4Schedules/ User Games Empty Re: Schedules/ User Games on Sun Jan 17, 2010 10:46 am


Rivalry game is a cool idea!
I have a schedule request... can you change my week 2 opponent from FCS to a home game with Ohio? I would like to play them cause it is an in state game and it might give me some advantages in recruiting...


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