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Official Rules

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Official Rules of the OD

My objective for this dynasty is to create a great dynasty that will last for many, many season. I want this to be a place where we can all come and communicate and have fun. Having fun is the most important thing in a dynasty and that is why I am creating this one. I don't want to think of myself as the commissioner because I want everybody's opinion to have equal weight. I know I can't possibly know all the best ideas for the perfect dynasty but as a group I know we can have the perfect dynasty for all of us. In this dynasty I don't want any cheese, this is going to be a realistic sim dynasty. I want this to be a close to real life as possible.

I want the computer to actually be a challenge so the sliders are meant to be challenging while also producing realistic results. So the sliders are as follows:

Gameplay Options:
Quarter Length-8 Minutes
Game Speed-Slow
Speed Threshold-0
Play Clock-On
Home Field Advantage-On
Ice the Kicker-On
Quiz the QB-Off

False Start-50
Off PI-100
Def PI-100
KR/PR Interference-100
Intentional Grounding-100
Roughing the Passer-100
Roughing the kicker-100

User Offense:
QB Accuracy-10
Pass Blocking-25
WR Catching-45
RB Ability-45
Run Blocking-35

CPU Offense:
QB Accuracy-15
Pass Blocking-25
WR Catching-45
RB Ability-90
Run Blocking-35

User Defense:
Pass Coverage-50
Pass Rush-25
Rush Defense-100

CPU Defense:
Pass Coverage-55
Pass Rush-25
Rush Defense-100

User Special Teams:
FG Power-35
FG Accuracy-55
Punt Power-55
Punt Accuracy-70
Kickoff Power-55

CPU Special Teams:
FG Power-25
FG Accuracy-55
Punt Power-55
Punt Accuracy-70
Kickoff Power-50

We will be using Luvtotha9s most up-to-date roster so check it out when looking at teams. Be warned he has made changes based on injuries and players that have declared early for the draft.

Sim Style
I realize everybody has a different definition of what a sim player is, but I want to put some basic guidelines down so we will get a good idea on what needs to be avoided. I think in user game it will be best if the two opponents talk before the game on exactly what will and won't be allowed. Some things though are QBs constantly running out of the pocket, run commit is banned, throwing deep on screens, and basically anything that wouldn't happen in real life. Again I say I think it is important that the two users talk before the game to iron out everything. Also for CPU games there will be no stat padding and running up of the score. I don't want to see ridiculous numbers that would never happen week after week ie, 800 passing yards or 500 rushing yards from one player. I understand people have freak games but not every week. Also I don't want to see you scoring 70-7 games every week. If you have a big lead late eat up the clock and sit on the ball don't run up the score. Basically if you play in CPU games like you would in user game you will be fine.

Fourth Down Rules
These rules are applied to fourth downs in user games. If the game is in the first half you are only permitted to go for it if it's fourth-and-2 or shorter. In the third quarter you can go for it on fourth-and-two or shorter or any time if you are trailing by 16 points or more. In the fourth quarter you are only allowed to go for it if it's fourth-and-2 or shorter if you are ahead and you can go for it any time in the fourth quarter if you are down.

The only rule for recruiting is you will be limited on your scholarships. You will be allowed to have a maximum of 74 players when it comes time to making cuts. You can get to this 74 by any combination of transfers, recruits, etc. Players leaving will also add into this so if you have guys that leave early it will automatically open up an extra spot. This will be a simple and effective way of keeping track and monitoring recruiting numbers. If you go over your 74 the penalty is that you must cut your top recruit (chosen by me) and you will lose two scholarships the next year for every one scholarship you went over. So if you go over by 3 this year next year you lose 6 scholarships making your total that you can sign 68.

The schedules will be composed of 3 user games and no FCS opponents. If at all possible I will try to keep rivalry games on your schedule but it may have to go if the schedule won't work any other way. I am open to any requests you may have as to who you want to play.

The teams that will be available are any team that is 3-star or below that is in a bcs conference. I don't want to use custom conferences but may do them as a last resort. There will be two teams per bcs conference and once a conference is full you can no longer be a team from it. As for the users I will only take SIM players who are ACTIVE on the forums. Trust me the more active you are and the more you get into character as your coach the more fun it is.

Advance Times
We will advance every 48 hours usually Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. I will put all the advance times on the calender once we start. If we have to wait on user games we will also we will not be in such a hurry that if you are out of town and we have to wait an extra day we will do so, but you must give us advanced warning and inform us of when you will get your game in.

Everybody is given one free restart per season no questions asked in the event of something happening. I know things happen from time to time so this will hopefully help with that. After the one unfortunately I am not going to allow restarts. Of course if there is a disconnect in a user game that is a different situation and will be dealt with on a case to case basis. I understand that sometimes things happen that you could get screwed over on but I don't know any better way to do this cause if I allow restarts then it could just get out of control. I will say that if you take a picture and post it on here or something it is possible that an exception can be made.

School Changes
If you ever want to change schools these are the guidelines that you must follow:

1. You must switch to a 3 Star or lower program

2. The school you switch to must be in a conference where there is less than two teams currently in it.

3. Once you switch a school you can not switch schools the following season. So you must wait a minimum of two season before you can switch again.

4. You can only switch in the offseason or preseason. You are not allowed to change teams in season.

5. If you switch teams in the offseason, that first offseason you are not allowed to recruit any 5 star players that are not interested in your school to start the offseason.

6. The order in which users will be given the option to switch will be determined by the Coach of the Year.

7. The process in which coaching changes will be handled will go like this. I will open up the option to change schools first to whoever won Coach of the Year, he will have the option to stay at his current school or leave. After he decides the option will go to the second place user in the Coach of the Year poll. After he decides it will go onto third , then fourth, and so on until everybody has had the option to stay or leave.

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