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K-State Press conferences

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1K-State Press conferences Empty K-State Press conferences on Mon Dec 06, 2010 10:27 pm

Head Coach Texasfight Miami Post game.

Q: Before e talk about the game tell me what its like taking over after a living legend in Bill Synder?
A: Bill Synder is a wonderful football coach, he is by far the best coach that has ever coached at this university. We wouldnt be where we are today if it wasnt for him. As far as pressure goes there isn't any I cant come in and try to compare my self to what he did. Im here to win and thats what im intending to do.

Q: Are you impressed with your teams two victories over top 25 teams?
A: Mope thats what i expect them to do, i expect Big 12 championships and you have to beat teams like Miami and Houston if your gonna win the Big 12.

Q: Who has been more impressive to you this year at the running back possition Bryce Brown or Daniel Thomas?
A: Im just gonna say that both of them impressed me athletically I didnt know that these boys were as good as everybody said. But Daniel has come into to a leadership role real nicely and that has impressed me a whole lot. Both players have bright futures.

Q: Any QB controversy with the way Klein was able to lead the offense when Coffman went out with a hurt shoulder.
A: Nope Both QB's played well until, its obvious a decision needs to be made there is no controversy.

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