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UCLA @ Oregon State week 4

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1 UCLA @ Oregon State week 4 on Sun Dec 11, 2011 12:33 am

UCLA came into Corvallis the underdogs against the 19th ranked Oregon State Beavers. Overall Oregon State out played the bruins, but UCLA was able to capitalize on some key Oregon State interceptions. But that is the way football goes and ill take a win anyway i can get one especially against such a good team.

First Quarter:
UCLA received the ball to start and went three and out the first drive, you could tell it was going to be a long day for UCLA on offense. The bruins punted and Oregon State took over. The beavers had a short drive and were forced to punt. The bruins knew they would have to get some points on the drive. They did just that they drove the ball into Beaver territory and completed a 12 yard pass to Josh Smith for a touchdown. Oregon st would be quick to answer with a field goal right before the 1st quarter ended.

2nd Quarter:
The second Quarter was full of some good hard noise defensive football till Ucla scored a touchdown with about 36 seconds left in the half. But surprisingly the scoring for that half wasnt over yet. After the kickoff OSU was trying to move in field goal range and threw an INT that gave the bruins great field positions. UCLA got to the one yard line and tried the Boise st statue of liberty and was stuffed. UCLA settled for a field goal to put the halftime score at 17-3.

3rd quarter
The stadium couldnt believe their 19th ranked Beavers were down 14 at half, but they knew they would fight back and thats just what they did. The beavs scored the only TD of the quarter on a 6 yard screen pass to Markus Wheaton. Just like that the Beaves were back in the fight.

4th Quarter:
You could feel the tension in the stadium rise as the 4th quarter. Both fans knew the implications of the opening Pac-12 game. UCLA had to respond and they were able to get into the redzone once again but they had to settle for a field goal to put them up 20-10 with about 3 min which was more than enough time for Katz and the high powered Beavs to score 10 points. OSU got the ball and got onto bruin 18 where James Rodgers caught a shallow route and used his speed to cross the goaline making the score 20-17 with around 2:30 left. UCLA got the ball and tried to run the ball and shave off as much clock as possible. The bruins got a key 3rd and short conversion to make OSU burn a timeout. UCLA ran the ball two more times causing timeouts by OSU. as third and short and the UCLA run up the middle gets stuffed. They are forced to punt with out 30 seconds. The punt is off and is a beauty. it rolls out of bounds at Oregon States 10 yard line. Oregon State has to drive 90 yards in 25 seconds with no timeouts. UCLA thought they had it won but a few good 15 yard completions had the beavers on the edge of field goal range. Katz dropped back and fired a laser to the 30 yard line completed to rogers with about 7 seconds. OSU is now in field goal range and has the chance to send the game into OT. Everyone expects the kicking team to take the field but instead coach Spicy sends out Kats and the offense, they got the snap off with about 2 seconds left and threw to a doubled covered TE in the endzone. The ball sailed over the Tight end and UCLA won the game. Weather Coach Spicy was going for the win or just didnt see the time i have no clue. But it was a great game played by SPicy im hoping we build a pac-12 rivalry!

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2 Re: UCLA @ Oregon State week 4 on Sun Dec 11, 2011 1:18 am

This was an awesome game! I'm so glad I was there to watch it! I was watching the end and was like alright here we go overtime, but then the OSU offense was back on the field. Great game to both of you guys! Congrats on the win bro and tough loss Spicy, I know you will bounce back, you've got three more huge games coming up!

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3 Re: UCLA @ Oregon State week 4 on Sun Dec 11, 2011 9:35 am

yeah i was getting ready to ice the kicker and everything

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4 Re: UCLA @ Oregon State week 4 on Sun Dec 11, 2011 10:04 am

Sounds like a great game. I dont know much about Oregon State but in this dynasty with Minnesota I know there is zero chance their kicker hits from 47 and many other kickers Im sure dont have the leg so that may be why he didnt kick and went for the TD and not OT.

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5 Re: UCLA @ Oregon State week 4 on Sun Dec 11, 2011 10:07 am

yeah thatss a god point. I didnt even think about that

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6 Re: UCLA @ Oregon State week 4 on Sun Dec 11, 2011 10:19 am

haha Spicy called me after the game and was not happy with himself...he said he meant to spike it but didnt think he had time to do a field he put it baserunning blunders haha. sounds like a heck of a game tho, different divisions??? maybe well get to see a conf champ rematch!

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7 Re: UCLA @ Oregon State week 4 on Sun Dec 11, 2011 11:16 am

yea thats what my brother thought happened! and yeah id love playing him in the Rose bowl.

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