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UCLA crushes the cougars

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1UCLA crushes the cougars Empty UCLA crushes the cougars on Thu Dec 15, 2011 4:24 pm

UCLA came into Saturdays game against Washington State not knowing what to expect from the 3-1 Cougars. Coach Petersen said "on paper they really aren't that good, but so far this year they have been winning." The first quarter The whole Rose bowl was silent, the score was only 2-0 in favor of the bruins after the end of the quarter. The whole quarter UCLA was getting pressure on the cougar QB and it finally resulted in a safety. The safety sprung the offense and the first drive of the 2nd quarter Brehaut connected with Rosario for a 14 yard TD. The defense stayed firm and shut em out the rest of the Half wile UCLA tacked on 10 more points. Making the halftime score 19-0. In the third UCLA score twice once on a td run my franklin on the goalline and a ty Embree 31 yard TD pass. In the 4th UCLA kept the ball on the ground and enabled Jonathan Franklin to add two more TDs to his total. Final score was 54-0. UCLA defense had there best game in terms of pressure accounting for 7 sacks on the game. The bruins look to add a 5th victory next week against 3-2 New mexico.

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