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Bruins Bash Wildcats

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1Bruins Bash Wildcats Empty Bruins Bash Wildcats on Sun Dec 18, 2011 1:28 pm

Bruins Bash Wildcats Arizon10

The 5-1 Bruins traveled to Arizona to face off against the 1-5 Wildcats. Coming into this game UCLA was on a 5 game win streak with all the momentum in the world. UCLA got the ball to start and on the second play UCLA running back Jonathan Franklin broke a tackle and took it to the house for a 74 yard TD. The next drive Arizona took it down the field for a field goal. It was looking like another RJA Texasfight classic. Well not if Franklin could say anything about it. On the next drive Franklin broke a 43 yard touchdown run. From that point on it was all UCLA. At the start of the 2nd quarter. Arizona tried to stay in the game with a 9 yard TD run but CLA was able to answer with a 24 yard reception for a TD by R.Carroll. The next tme UCLA got the ball they drove down and Franklin scored on a swing pass from 10 yards out. Making the halftime score 35-10. UCLA tried to have a slow consistent drive in the second half and thats what they did. They dinked and dunked it all the way down to the 2 yard line where Franklin was able to punch it in again. Arizona couldnt ever get anything going until they got into the redzone only for Foles to throw a pick six to Sean Price. Arizona just couldnt get any breaks today. UCLA has a big game next week with instate rival CAL.

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