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End of an era: UNC 27 UK 0

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1 End of an era: UNC 27 UK 0 on Fri Jan 22, 2010 12:38 am


In a suprisingly one-sided affair, the Tar Heels turned their season around with a 27-0 victory in the first (and most likely last- more on that later) annual Big Blue Basket-Brawl rivalry with the Wildcats of Kentucky.

After UNC kicked to begin the game, UK was already looking at a three-and-out on the first possession of the ball-game. However, on third-and-long, freshman quarterback Morgan Newton threw what appeared to be a strike to an open receiver streaking across the middle. However, the ball bounced off of his hands and into the hands of the defender.

Despite the great field position, UNC was not able to move the ball effectively and settled for a 49 yard field goal.

After another three-and-out by UK, UNC stormed down the field on the back of halfback Ryan Houston and punched it in on 3rd and goal.

After kicking the ball away and forcing UK into another third-and-long, a play occured that would change not just this game, but the landscape of the college football world. We have exclusive coverage below:

On this play, Charles Brown intercepts Newton and returns it for a touchdown. However, immediately following the play, user Smikal messages user mubulldog14.

"gg im done" is all the message said.

When user mubulldog14 replied asking why, user Smikal replied "the sliders suck. they are conservative as fuck."

Reports vary, but sometime within the next 5-10 minutes, user Smikal had gathered his belongings and retired from the dynasty.

UNC went on against the CPU, going into "Chew the Clock" mode, and controlled the ball for rest of the game, including the entire third quarter.

"I regret losing user Smikal as he was a veteran player and we could have had a good rivalry," user mubulldog14 said.

Up next for the Tar Heels is the University of Colorado.

2 Re: End of an era: UNC 27 UK 0 on Fri Jan 22, 2010 1:12 am

that video is pretty cool it seems pretty realistic with the celebration and all.

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3 Re: End of an era: UNC 27 UK 0 on Fri Jan 22, 2010 1:16 am

hes a baby

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