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1 Chew Clock on Thu Dec 15, 2011 10:34 pm

This was added to the official rules page. Abusing chew the clock is not sim and will not be accepted in this dynasty. Here is how it officially reads in the rules section:

You shouldn't run the play clock down or use the chew clock feature unless you are winning/losing in a blowout (20+ point lead) or you are taking a knee. Pick your plays in a timely manner, get to the line and snap the ball. It is understandable to want to take as much time off of the clock when leading late, but running the clock down to 1 second can use up over half a quarter without moving even half the field. You don't have to be in a hurry up offense but you the play clock should rarely run under 10 seconds before each snap. Obviously if you come to the line and flip the play, hot route, check the defense, etc will take time but in a close game you shouldn't just waste time.

Everybody should know all the rules and should know how to play sim. If you have not read the rules do so, and if you aren't sure if something is sim or not sim then please ask. I am always understanding and willing to answer any questions.

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