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MSU @ Wisc Recap

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1MSU @ Wisc Recap Empty MSU @ Wisc Recap on Sun Jan 24, 2010 2:08 pm

It was a beautiful sunny day at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, Wisconsin. It was an even better day for a down to the wire football game and thats what those who were in attendance got. the game started after MSU lost the coin toss and Wisc deferred, so MSU got the ball. They lead a promising drive downfield but went for it on 4th and 3 inside the Wisc 20 yd line and were stopped. But the momentum didn't swing any as Wisc punted on their first drive. On the Spartans next drive , MSU RB L.Caper took the handoff on a delay and was hit so hard that he was knocked out of the game and also for the next 10 weeks with broken ribs. They did makeup for the loss with a FG. 3-0 Msu. As Wisc drove down the field they were at the MSU 30yd line as QB Scott Tolzien threw a high trajectory pass and the Spartan LB jumped up like he was a white Dominque Wilkins and intercepted the ball and got a decent return out of it. Then the Sparty O took over but were only able to get another 3 points out of it. Wisc did nothing on the next drive and punted, as did the Spartans on their next drive. But it wasnt long after that Wisc drove down the field with a modest passing attack and scored on a highlight reel catch by Wisconsin's WR Anderson as he dove away from the MSU defenders for a 37 yard touchdown, making the score 7-6 Wisc. MSU punted again on their next drive but were soon backon the field as Tolzien threw another interception after being pressured out of the pocket and forced to make a bad throw. However time ran out before they could make anything of it. Halftime score is still 7-6 Wisc. As Wisc got the ball to start the second half, they dove down and kicked a 25 yd FG to increase the lead to 10-6. However, MSU would answer quickly and score on a 60 yd TD pass to retake the lead 13-10 MSU. Wisc however wouldnt go away as they scored on a 35yd FG to tie the game up at 13. MSU's next drive tired the Badger defense and they scored on a 12 yd run by Baker.
Again, the Badgers wouldnt sit down as David Gilreath took it to the house on an 87 yard KO return to again tie the lead at 20. MSU's next drive ended in a punt. Wisc took advantage of this and scored on a 48 yard TD pass from Scott Tolzien to WR Nick Toon. score 27-20 Wisc under 3 minutes to go. MSU needed to make some big plays and they did just that ending it with a touchdown, making the game all tied up for the 3rd time in the game. But with under :50 keft to play, it would take a few long plays for the Badgers to get into FG range, and the offense cam through getting there kicker into range as Welch booted the game winning FG as time expired. Final Score 30-27 Wisconsin Badgers. Record 2-2.


Passing Leaders:
S.Tolzien(Wisc): 17-25 289 yds, 2TD 3Ints
K.Cousins(MSU): 22-33 315yds 2TD 0Int

Rushing Leaders:
J.Clay(Wisc): 15att 48yds 0TD
E.Baker(MSU): 15 atts 71yds 1TD
L.Caper(MSU): 6att 33yd

Receiving Leaders:
K.Jefferson(Wisc): 4rec 87yds 1TD
N.Toon(Wisc): 2rec 47yds 1TD
B.White(MSU): 4res 103yds 1TD
C.Gantt(MSU): 4rec 49yds

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2MSU @ Wisc Recap Empty Re: MSU @ Wisc Recap on Sun Jan 24, 2010 6:02 pm

Looks like the badgers have it rolling

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3MSU @ Wisc Recap Empty Re: MSU @ Wisc Recap on Sun Jan 24, 2010 6:15 pm


What's the biggest game on your schedule RJA? Do you think you'll win the Big 10 this year?

4MSU @ Wisc Recap Empty Re: MSU @ Wisc Recap on Sun Jan 24, 2010 9:45 pm

probably @OSU or at home with Iowa, and i highly doubt ill win the big 10 im hoping for a second or third place anything worse im not real happy with.

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