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4-3 Wisconsin upsets #13 Iowa!!

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14-3 Wisconsin upsets #13 Iowa!! Empty 4-3 Wisconsin upsets #13 Iowa!! on Sun Jan 31, 2010 7:56 pm

When the fans walked into Camp Randall Stadium to watch their Badgers play one of the hottest teams in the country they thought they would be leaving early. And after 2 plays it looked as if their prediction was happening before them as Iowa scored on a slant across the middle after breaking several tackles to make the lead 7-0 Iowa. The Badgers knew they had to stay focused to stop Iowa's momentum. "I wasn't scared one bit." said Wisconsin coach Muzzy Colosimo. Wisconsin depleted the score after kicking a field goal to make the score 7-3 Iowa. Then the Badger D stepped up and made Iowa punt, and they capitilized on that next drive by kicking a 56 yd field goal to drop Iowas lead to 1, 7-6. Then after a fumble on the kickoff Wisconsin took over deep in Iowa territory. Wisconsin would take advantage and score on a 15 yd TD pass to Nick Toon.

Making the score 13-6 Wisc. Then Iowa would score a TD on their next drive and taking the lead 14-13. But Wisconsin wouldnt step down as they kicked a FG making the score 16-14. Then on Iowas next drive they would cough up the ball, leading to a Wisconsin TD run by John Clay, 23-14 Wisc. Iowa didnt want to go away kicking a FG on their next drive late in the third. Wisc had a golden boot today as they kicked a 4th FG on the day making it 26-14. Then Iowa again mde the lead smaller by kicking again another FG, score 26-17. Wisc had to punt on their next drive and Iowa took possesion with less than 2 minutes in the game. They were at about midfield on 4th and 11 and Iowa's QB Weinke threw an Int that essentially made the game complete.

Wisconsin would run out the clock from there and the final score would be 26-17 in favor of the Badgers. In Coach Muzzys press game conference he said "I couldnt be more proud of these kids. They came out and beat the hottest team in the cou try. Not only did they prove to themselves that they could do it, but they proved to the rest of the country they can do it. Watch out for America. . .here we come."


Passing Leaders:
S.Tolzien(Wisc): 11-14 114yds 1TD 0Int
J.Weinke(Iowa): 17-27 202yds 1TD 2Int

Rushing Leaders:
J.Clay(Wisc): 28att 117yds 1TD
J.Hampton(Iowa): 11att 52yds
B.Wegher(Iowa): 10att 42yds 1TD
Z.Brown(Wisc): 5att 19yds

Receiving Leaders:
T.Stross(Iowa): 5rec 110yds 1TD
N.Toon(Wisc): 2rec 17yds 1TD
K.Jefferson(Wisc): 2rec 31yds.

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