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UCLA Vs BC post game presser

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1 UCLA Vs BC post game presser on Tue Dec 06, 2011 5:15 pm

UCLA Press Conference Week 1

Coach Petersen Statement: Well we've got lost of work to do however there were many positives to take away from the game. i will take any questions you may have now.

Reporter: How significant were the injuries to running backs Jonathan Franklin and Derrick Coleman?
Petersen: THANKFULLY we will have franklin back next week for Indiana, but Coleman will be out 4-5 weeks with a strained shoulder.

Reporter: What went wrong tonight in your opinion?
Petersen: I mean you watched the game right? we were watching the same i didnt see anything that ya'll didnt see. When you turn the ball over and dont capitalize in the redzone against a good team like that you dont deserve to win. Simple.

Reporter: You rushed for only 3 yards a carry for a total of 90 yards, why was your running game not effective today?
Petersen: Well our third string freshmen running back got a majority of the carries due to injury, but we didnt really block that well today, it also doesnt help when your playing three studs at linebacker.

reporter: Your passing game looked very efficient out there today. are you surprised?
Petersen: honestly little bit, we had a total of 9 differnt guys catch the ball. I was very pleased with the passing game all around. Brehaut and the receivers were on page all game. And the linemen only gave up one one sack so i was very pleased.

Reporter: How do you and the staff think the defense played today?
Petersen: I thought we played ok. We had two key blown assignments that gave them td's but those arent things that you can let happen if you want to win football games. Alright im dne for today see ya next week.

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